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Thanks to my friend Ben Atherton-Zeman for inspiring this post.  Ben is an advocate against violence, particularly gender-based violence, and a one man show called “Voices of Men.”

A prime piece of popular culture from the late 1970s, this Rocky I clip shows us that heterosexual male sexuality is actualized via the “wearing down” of a woman’s sexual boundaries, until submission.  Thirty three years later, in 2006 the Mystery clip (below) teaches straight men about the “art of seduction” by “disarming” a woman’s defenses.   While Rocky is a movie, in the contemporary clip below real men are learning how to get any woman to submit sexually. There is a continuum upon which violent and public sexual permissiveness to women’s bodies occurs and this has only increased in the media since the late 1970s.

Rocky Balboa and Adrian on their first date, from Rocky I (1976)

This scene is the end…

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