“Masculinity as Spectacle Reflections on men and mainstream cinema”

Steve Neale uses the term spectacle to describe masculinity. This term is for me, and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a performance or display, as Laura Mulvey also suggests the “to be-looked-at-ness”. Steve is therefore in his essay, centring on how “heterosexual masculinity” representations are created in mechanisms such as mainstream film. (Neale, pg 9)

Neale suggests that “heterosexual masculinity” is a “structuring norm” that is apart of gendered representations, alongside that of representations of women, and gay men. He uses John Ellis’s “Visible Fictions” to describe how these representations are complex through terms of identification. Ellis suggest that it is “never simply a matter of men identifying with male figures on the screen and women identifying with female figures”. Cinema brings forwards to us space for desire, and voyeurism (the looking at the spectacle). Ellis states that “cinema draws on… many forms of…

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