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Lay Off the Managers


I see a lot of anti-management sentiment amongst the Agile development community. Well, to be honest, amongst the general development community and wider world, too.

To make any radical improvement in effectiveness of an organisation – especially in the case of the Analytic-Synergistic transition – everyone has to be engaged and supportive of the effort. Alienating a key constituency (the managers) does not seem to me to be anything but woefully counter-productive.

Some, upon reading other of my blog posts, might even assume I sympathise with this anti-management position. Actually, I don’t. Management adds value and needs doing. I just don’t think managers should be doing it.

Let’s not Conflate Managers with Management

I draw a clear distinction between managers and management:

  • Managers are the folks that, in most organisations, have the sole prerogative to do the “acts of management”. I include executives in this…

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