The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.








The recent slaying of Black 17 year old youth Trayvon Martin by caucasian 28 year old George Zimmerman has divided America along racial lines. That does not mean all caucasians are standing over there while all people of color are standing over here. What that statement means is all racist, evil, hateful, scared caucasians, or people period who are racist irregardless of their skin color, are standing over there. All humane, intelligent, loving, warm, caring concerned members of the human race are standing over here.


The white privilege in America is being exposed to those not fully aware it exist. Ever wonder why everything good and just is associated with the color white? “As pure as the driven snow”. “Good guys wear white”. White the color symbolizes pure, virginal, good. We dress our pure virgin brides in white. “White…

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