Equal Writes

by Briyana Davis

When I first saw “Shit Girls Say,” I didn’t get it. The video was just a guy in a blond wig, saying random things I’ve heard a lot of people say, including my parents, my brother, my uncles, and my grandparents. I didn’t laugh, but I didn’t really take offense either. I just found it confusing and subsequently didn’t wish to keep up with the slew of “Shit that X say” videos that followed.

That is, until “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” popped up on my tumblr feed. I immediately found it much more intriguing than the original. My first response: TOO REAL. But seriously. I’d heard these things before. I’d heard almost every single thing.

It starts off with a black girl, Chescaleigh, in a blond wig saying, “Not to sound racist…” in various locations.  Experience has taught me that anything started with this phrase…

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