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January 21, 2012


How Abbottgate restored white victimhood in order to brush the issue of British racism under the carpet

With high profile racism cases involving England’s football team captain John Terry, Liverpool FC’s Luis Suarez, and the outcome of the Stephen Lawrence case, racism has once again been a much talked about topic in the British media over the last few weeks.

Last week Britain saw a landmark guilty verdict for two killers of Stephen Lawrence, eighteen years after the black teenager was knifed to death by a racist mob in Eltham, South London. The verdict came as a result of the sheer determination of his mother, Doreen Lawrence, whose campaigning resulted in a public inquiry held in 1998, headed by Sir William Macpherson, that concluded that the Metropolitan Police was ‘institutionally racist’. The report also recommended that murder cases should be allowed a retrial upon new evidence, which became law in…

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